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We Make Drywall Exceptional.

We work as a team to build exceptional projects while creating everlasting relationships and ensuring the upmost safety of our employees and members of the community.

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Select Drywall was founded to establish a cost-effective and proficient way of providing drywall services to Edmonton customers.

This was also done with the notion that excellent quality should come hand in hand with punctuality and ethical practice of the trade.

Professional Drywall Service

Drywall finishing is not as easy as it looks. Any homeowner who has attempted to do mudding, taping, and sanding without assistance knows how difficult it is. Inexperience and low standards can fail to correct the problem while possibly creating more damage.

Our professional drywallers have the training, tools, materials, and experience to do these jobs effectively. The end result will look better, last longer, and provide better performance than substandard work done by less qualified companies.​


We Offer

Being a local drywall company, we offer a broad range of services to suit many ranges of requests for our customers within this area. Whether residential or commercial we can provide all your drywalling needs.


To ensure a successful drywall project, it's crucial to start with a strong foundation. This means having proper framing in place from the beginning.


ape-and-texture walls are one of the most common wall finishes in site-built homes. We provide a beautiful, seamless, and “clean” finish to your walls. By “clean” we mean there are no batten strips in seams to break your viewing of wall.


Before getting the drywall installed it's imperative to make sure that proper insulation has been installed as well.


T-bar ceilings, also known as acoustical ceilings, usually are installed to hide overhead ducts and pipes in basements. In other cases,


The installation process of drywall sheets is when a project really comes to life. Although this material is one of the most common building elements..


Our team pays extremely close attention to detail during this part, ensuring a pristine finish to your project. This takes time, experience, and a professional’s touch to be done right.

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Professional drywall service is what we're all about. We only work with the most experienced and qualified drywall contractors to complete our jobs.



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